(i.e., a gift regarding the dense interconnectedness of you, me, and everything; transformations of matter/transformations that matter - meaning through resonance; or, how we learned to stop worrying and eat the orange; or, how 1 and 1 is not 2 is not one and not one and not two and not one and two: To echo the vibrancy of things: I love you...

a gesture.)



  1. Peel the orange. Introduce yourself to strangers by giving them a segment.

  2. Peel the orange and consume it in its entirety. Become the orange/the orange becomes you.

  3. Keep the orange until it rots. Give it encouraging wordseach day. Absorb your own encouraging words.

  4. Collaboratively digest.

  5. Peel the orange. Segment. Collect the seeds. Distribute

    the pulp. Plant the seeds.

  6. Peel the orange. Dig a hole. Put the peeled orange in the

    hole. Bury it.

  7. Do not peel the orange. Dig a hole. Put the unpeeled

    orange in the hole. Bury it.

  8. Hold the orange outstretched to another.

  9. Hold the orange, quietly, to yourself. Embrace.

  10. Be a seed.

  11. Sleep with the orange next you on your pillow. Ask the

    orange about its dreams in the morning.

  12. Dream about the orange as it sleeps next to you. If you

    don’t remember in the morning, don’t worry about it. 13.

  13. Release your dreams like seeds into the dirt, to grow.

  14. Be open to the orange and all of its experiences.

    Empathize with the orange. Practice compassion.

  15. I love you. I’m glad you exist.

  16. I love you. I'm glad I exist.