Becoming, Number Magazine (forthcoming)

#transformationalorangesculptures, Dinner Bell Magazine (forthcoming)

Transmutations, Number Magazine


Love Letters I Write to Myself* (2), Number Magazine.

Love Letters I Write to Myself* (1), Noise Gallery.

Hyperactivity Detox, Number Magazine.

POCKET LINT, Nashville Arts Magazine, January-April


"A Very Analog Experience of This Digital Intimacy," Number Magazine.

"Artists as Worms, Art as Dirt." Nashville Arts Magazine.

"I went to the ocean and fell in love with 13 people." Nashville Arts Magazine.

"If you build it, they will come... if it's convenient." Nashville Arts Magazine.

Wussy Mag, poems, "beautiful floral beings" and "Brutal Dirt"


estuaries #1: reconciling the queer south. untitled essay. 

Living in an Imagined Future: Queering the Southern Artistic Narrative, A Call to Arms. Number: Issue EightyEight, art at intersections. Fall 2016. 

MANIFESTO: Towards art in an imaginary future. Number: Issue EightySix, queer art. Spring                       2016. 

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