• how to eat 48 lbs of peaches in 10 days

    how to eat 48 lbs of peaches in 10 days

    be hungry 

    gentle with touch feel into softness

    barely graze fuzz skin against skin almost


    it is summer and I am sweating

    how heat in cheeks hides the blush of want

    my family comes from Georgia we know our peaches

    rinse fruit in cold water repelled

    beads like sweat hanging from fuzz on your upper lip

    flesh malleable press thumb into leave a mark

    squeeze in palm to collapse boundary between

    insides bared outside feel bodies becoming

    teeth into skin break open into dig into wet like sticky like sweet

    let the juice dribble like blood from flesh

    a mouth holding pressing on tongue

    swallow the scent and everything 

    will you consume unabashedly

    hunger without shame

    48 lbs of peaches inside you

    will you hand me the pit to make a wish

    go swimming with me and be nowhere in summer sun sweet sweat

    will you be naked with me and eat peaches in the sunshine til bellies are full

    we are laying in grass and falling in love with everything

    all over again

    do you dare

    are you hungry